As Above, So Below

Excuses are stifling. They are an escape clause, a hamper to progress. An excuse is a method of diverting accountability from yourself to apparent factors beyond your control. The more ambitious the goal the stronger the desire to get the excuses in early. The stronger the desire to secretly sabotage progress early to avoid the embarrassment of failure later down the line. Do not alow this to happen. When setting a goal see everything as your responsibility. If it means that much to you everything you do should be about ascertaining the end goal. You need to live and breathe it. Everything you eat and drink, the way you move, the way you breathe and most importantly the way you think should be dedicated to achievement. "Build it and they will come". This methodology should promote the mentality that repels any urge to make excuses and instead encourage introspection. It allows the ability to truly get to the core of yourself and really be honest about where you stand in comparison with where you wish to be. This honesty is the only way to progress. When the mind and body become one everything moves in harmony. You realise you are the limiting factor, not anybody or anything else. You realise the root to success is getting out of your own way. You realise success will not lead to acceptance of self however acceptance of self will lead to success, in the same way the tail does not wag the dog. After this acceptance you begin to enjoy the process. You feel an evolution of self. Hurdles are attacked with brutal honesty. The path of least resistance is left out of sight as you begin to hack away at your own path to success. It is easy to give in to the fear of failure. This is what the majority will do. Do not become part of that majority. Instead look fear in the eyes, grit your teeth and commit. Use discomfort as your barometer. When you are uncomfortable realise this is the zone in which improvements are made, this is the zone that most cannot withstand. It's where you thrive. When you are teetering on the precipice of your potential you feel alive. You have a purpose. This process allows you to realise how capable you really are and the more you achieve the higher you set your sights. "For whosoever hath, to him shall be given". Every road is conquered step by step. Take the first step and stop making excuses.