How much of your day did you choose? Did you choose what you ate? How about what you drank? If so why? Was it a choice made with indulgence in mind or health? Did you check social media today? If you're reading this I'm going to go with yes. What made you use it? Was it a choice made out of habit or a conscious decision? Did you choose what time you woke up? How about what you did upon waking? And your workplace?  


Now let's look at it a different way. If you could orchestrate the perfect day for yourself, without limitations how much of that day would be mirrored in what you did today? How much of your day would you consider yourself aware? And on the flip side how much of it did you spend unconscious. Not in the literal sense, what I'm talking about is the kind of unconscious that sees you following a similar pattern day after day seldom daring to break the autonomy. 


Does your soul or conscious ever call out to you? Do you hear it now? Why would you choose to ignore it? More importantly, why do you? Where do you think these calls to action come from? This innate wisdom. You already hold the blueprint, but are you willing to look?  


The choice.  


Wherever you are, whatever you are doing take a second to breathe. Just Breath; but breathe deep, feel the sensation of your lungs expanding. Filling you with life. Take a second to look around at your surroundings. Appreciate the sounds, the sensations and the colours. Think about why you are where you are. Appreciate this moment.  Think about where you are and where you want to be. Make the choice to be better. This doesn't mean the cessation of suffering. But this is a poison you've picked and therefore one deemed worthy of the suffering. This suffering is a conscious decision and therefore transformational. Be responsible for yourself, don't be a victim. Instead of being a witness to your life be the orchestrator. Don't wait for things to happen, make them. Decide what attributes you need to be where you desire and obtain them. Make choices. Make food a nutritional choice and not a gluttonous one. Don't use coffee as an excuse to curb the cravings of a sugar addiction you probably aren't aware you had. Life is enjoyed when stripped down to the essentials and appreciated in its raw format. Coffee is no different use it to enhance you both physically and cognitively. Feel this potential surge through your veins, let it energise you as you realise how far ahead of you your potential lies. There could be nothing worse than looking back on your life and realising how good you could have been when it's too late. Sever the ties to comfort put yourself on the line and make the choice to close the gap between where you and your potential lie.