Best AeroPress Go Method

Best AeroPress Go Method

We are big enthusiasts of the AeroPress Go for you all our adventurous coffee making requirements. A question we get asked frequently is the best method to use. After a significant amount of time using it in the field, we have decided that for us without doubt it's the Inverted method. This method enables consistency every time as well as allowing for some neat tricks like making cold brew too. After receiving so many request we have decided to produce a basic guide so you can produce the best brews every time without fail.


For all you AeroPress purists, this may look counter intuitive, but just trust us, give it a try to see the results for yourself. You will never hold an Aeropress the right way up again.


AeroPress Inverted Method1. Turn AeroPress chamber upside down with the extended plunger at the bottom. Remove the filter cap and add 1 scoop (17g) of ground coffee.

AeroPress Inverted Method2. Add water just of the boil, filling to you preferred shot amount.

AeroPress Inverted Method 3. Stir the coffee and water, ensuring the grind is submerged and begins to bloom.

AeroPress Inverted Method

4. Place the filter paper in the filter basket, then dampen to allow the filter paper to stick to the basket; this will also act as a seal once the basket is attached.

AeroPress Inverted Method

5. Attach the filter basket. Not here is where the Inverted method comes into use. Unlike the original method where the brew begins to leak through, the Inverted method, allows for the brew to steep. This also means that you can place the AeroPress in the fridge to chill, this will allow you to produce cold brew. (See below as an example)


AeroPress Inverted Method


Hot coffee - Brew for 60-90 seconds

Cold Brew - Brew in fridge for at least 2-6 hours (or longer to taste)

AeroPress Inverted Method

6. To flip the AeroPress to pour is very easy due to the wet filter paper and trapped air providing a seal. In a smooth and steady motion, either place the cup on top and steadily flip the apparatus round or flip over and place directly on the cup. Apply gentle pressure on the plunger until it if fully compressed.

Hot coffee - drink the shot straight or add hot water to taste

Cold brew - pour over ice and add water to taste

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