Coffee Fundamentals (with an adventurous twist)

Coffee Fundamentals (with an adventurous twist)



As avid adventurers caffeine has long been an almost ritualistic experience in many of our travels. You don't have to look particularly far or wide in most towns and you'll find a myriad of establishments serving caffeine in many forms, the most popular of course being coffee. However, once you find yourself off the beaten track your options become more limited. That isn't to say you need to compromise on quality. With the right knowledge and equipment you can enjoy quality coffee wherever your adventures may take you. So strap in, we have your back. Over the coming months we'll deliver you a series of how to guides to allow you to drink the best quality coffee wherever you may find yourself. Lets start with the fundamentals.

Coffee Fundamentals


The Roast

You may hear a lot about the roast of a coffee and to put it simply the roast is the duration and temperature that a picked and dried coffee bean is roasted for in a roaster that is specifically designed for roasting coffee.

The coffee beans conditions of growth will shape the beans individual characteristic flavour profile and the degree to which the bean is roasted should complement this.

As a rule of thumb our more floral offerings will be roasted to a lighter profile than those offering more robust and intense flavours.

It is a common misconception that darker roasted coffees contain more caffeine than their lighter roasted counterparts. In fact, whilst darker roasted coffees are considered stronger (their flavour profile is more intense), they actually usually contain slightly less caffeine than lighter roasts.




The Grind

To put it simply the grind of a coffee controls the surface area that the water interacts with. Finer grinds offer more surface area than a coarser offering.We recommend that all coffee is ground using a burr grinder no more than 30 minutes before brewing in order to prevent flavour loss.  See below for a handy chart to select your grind type for your preferred brewing method.





    Extra coarse

    Cold Brew Coffee


    French press, Chemex, percolator


    Pour over, Aeropress (with 3+ minute brew time)


    Cold brew pourover, Aeropress (with 2-3 minute brew time)


    Espresso, Moka pot, Aeropress (with 1 minute brew time)

    Extra Fine

    Turkish coffee


    The Method

    There are countless ways to make coffee from pour-overs devices, to espresso machines to even bubbling up a caffeinated concoction in a coffee siphon. For as many ways as there are to make coffee there are even more variables when it comes to the individual specifics involved with each methodology.

    Naturally, having a taste for adventure we prefer methods that allow us to enjoy coffee wherever our adventures may take us.  You may think the intrepid lifestyle may limit the coffee enthusiast, however, there are several devices pointed towards the adventurous lifestyle from cafetiere attachments for your camping stove, to portable espresso makers to collapsible pour-over contraptions. This means with some acquired knowledge, a portable burr grinder, a camping stove and a bag of Unconquered Coffee you can enjoy barista standard coffee wherever your adventures may take you.

    The most important part

    Remember coffee is something to be enjoyed. It is easy to get tangled up in the, often all too intricate methodology of making coffee, to the point where it is easy to forget why we make it in the first place. So sit back, smell the coffee and enjoy the coffee wherever you may be.