Meldon Quarry -  A Product Launch With A Twist

Meldon Quarry - A Product Launch With A Twist

This weekend saw the launch of Buena Onda and to mark the occasion we decided to do something a bit different.

Good Vibe Coffee For Good Vibe People

Meldon quarry would be our base for the day, a location recommended to us by the guys at Inaccessible Solutions. It was here we met them along with Beth Robinson and Nicola Mcgrath, 2 participants of Channel 4's "Who Dares Wins" TV series. 

Our aim today was to achieve a series of abseils from various points around the quarry that included a section of granite crag and a 30 metre viaduct that was set up nicely for a grand finale.  Spirits were high and an atmosphere of expectation filled the air.

But First Coffee In true Dartmoor fashion the weather was unseasonably wet and windy and so before we started proceedings we warmed 
up with a communal batch of Buena Onda. This gave us a chance to test out the new Primus Litech kettle before brewing the coffee using cafetiere attachments for both the Primus ETA Lite and the Jetboil Flash. Our photographer Sam (Treloar Photography) wasted no time erecting a tent which was a much needed morale boost for when the weather was at its worst.

"I Will Lead Them Up And Down"

It was now time for the safety briefs, which were delivered thoroughly and clearly by the guys at Inaccessible solutions. With this out of the way we harnessed up and began a series of climbs and descents. Each time getting quicker and slicker. It had been over a year since our last abseil and so, whilst the skills were still there they needed honing.

Whilst one of us was slowly ascending and rapidly descending the other would keep the coffee flowing as a few more members who received the exclusive launch invitation began to show up in order to sample the latest goods. At team Unconquered we prioritise community and Buena Onda is about taking the positive out of any situation and so despite bleak conditions spirits remained high. The day ended with a descent of a portion of crag at best speed followed by a final batch of coffee for all those still with us.

Upon completion of the day farewells were said and plans were made. As a company we live by our principles of adventure and pursuit and so we shall continue to strive for bigger and better.