The Best Travel Coffee Maker, Just Got Better

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The Best Travel Coffee Maker, Just Got Better

The AeroPress Go is the latest addition to the AeroPress range, introducing a smaller chamber, collapsible stirrer, serving scoop and filter holder, all thoughtfully engineered to stow away conveniently into the drinking mug.

AeroPress Go the best travel coffee maker

The AeroPress Go is perfectly optimized for all adventures, the smart design makes it our go to coffee maker for all our days on the trails, at the crag or camping; it’s that good we even use it at home. You can use AeroPress Go anywhere, we have tested it in all conditions, for us it’s the best travel coffee press; all you need is hot water from a Jetboil and Unconquered Coffee to achieve Barista standard coffee anywhere, keeping you fuelled on your adventures.

The Aeropress Go is multifunctional and can produce hot beverages in multiple ways, as well as being able to produce cold brew. Stay tuned for more instructions on how to use the AeroPress Go.

Purchase your Aeropress Go here and receive 350 filters completely free.

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