The Unconquered Martini

The espresso martini is a boozy coffee classic and what's more it's surprisingly easy to get it nailed. Here is our take on it.



  • 38 grams of espresso extracted from 18g of ground coffee (If using other brewing methods such as pourover use 100ml to increase the flavour ratio)
  • 100ml vodka
  • 100ml coffee liqueur (we use Tia Maria)
  • Enough ice to fill a cocktail shaker


Step 1 - If using an espresso machine grind 18 grams of coffee to a size that allows an extraction of 36 grams of coffee over 27-30 seconds. If you are using any other brewing method then you will require 100ml of coffee (use a ratio of 30g of coffee per 500ml of water). 

Step 2 - Fill your cocktail shaker to just below the brim with ice straight from the freezer. 

Step 3 - Add the coffee, vodka and coffee liqueur into the cocktail shaker and cover

Step 4 - Shake robustly. The success of this drink is dependent on two things. One is the quality of the coffee you brew (however you've read our coffee fundamentals post and you've applied the principles so this isn't an issue). The second is the shake. Shake for too long and you'll have a watery mess however don't shake for long enough and you'll not achieve the foamed top that espresso martini is synonymous with. We recommend shaking for 15-20 seconds robustly.

Step 5 - Sit back,relax and enjoy