The Adventurer Starter Pack

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If you compromise on the means you can't expect to seek satisfaction at the end. This starter kit is for the adventurer who doesn't compromise on the quality of the coffee they drink. No matter what nature may throw their way.

The starter kit contains the Hario mini mill grinder. A portable manual grinder that means you can enjoy freshly ground coffee wherever you may be avoiding the need to compromise with inferior instant or pre ground coffee. With adjustable burrs the grind consistency can be adjusted to taste.

Once the coffee is ground it can then be made in the Cafflano Kompact. A portable coffee maker that is simple to use, requires no additional filters and is easy to clean. This maker allows you to fully brew the coffee in the portable chamber before extracting the subtler notes using the coffee press function.

A bag of our small batch Beta coffee is also included. A robusta bean that naturally contains 2-3 times the caffeine of a regular Arabica bean for those times when a livener is needed to get you through whatever nature may throw at you!