What is the best grind type?

The grind consistency determines the overall surface area of the grinds. Too much surface area will lead to an over extracted bitter taste whilst not enough will lead to a dilute coffee. As a rule of thumb the lesser the time the grinds are in contact with the water the finer the grind. There are a few exceptions however so see the chart below for an easy to read guide. It is worth noting that no two beans (or tastebuds) are the same so whilst the chart will give you a starting point don’t be afraid to adjust to taste.


In all instances we suggest using a burr grinder to ensure consistency of the grinds as well as having the ability to adjust the grind size.


Grind Size

Brew Method

Extra Coarse

Cold brew coffee


French Press, Chemex


Hario V60 Pour Over, Aeropress (3+ mins brew time)

Medium – Fine

Hario V60 Pour Over, Aeropress (2-3 mins brew time)


Espresso, Moka pot, Aeropress (1 minute brew time)

Extra Fine

Turkish coffee



How much coffee do I need to use?

This depends on the method of extraction. For cafetieres and all pourover devices use 30g of coffee per 500ml of water as a ball park figure and again make fine adjustments according to your individual tastes. Espresso is more coffee hungry and requires 17-20g per shot depending on the solubility of the bean. Moka pots should not be weight and instead just fill the basket until level but do not tamp the grinds as you would with espresso.

Where do your beans come from?

All our beans are all sustainably sourced globally, we work very closely with our local roasters to carefully source the highest quality beans and refine the roast and blends to deliver the freshest, highest standard beans possible.


Do you provide wholesale pricing?

Yes we provide wholesale pricing with a simple structure with low MOQ’s, as we understand that it can be difficult to commit to bulk orders and balancing cash flow. To enquire about this, please contact us directly as unconqueredcoffee@gmail.com


Do provide coffee at events?

Yes we have the capacity to provide coffee for events and have done so for several large fitness /outdoor competitions. To enquire please contact us directly as unconqueredcoffee@gmail.com


How should I store my coffee?

Always store in an airtight container as his maintains the freshness by preventing the gases from escaping; it also protects the coffee from absorbing any external flavours from its environment.


What is the best way to make coffee?

There is no right or wrong answer here, we equally believe the experience of drinking coffee around a campfire in a primitive fashion is just as rewarding and tweaking the best extraction for an espresso. What’s important to remember is the quality of the coffee is the most important factor, then there are plenty of tried and tested ways to follow dependant on what your using; by it is down to personal preference. We suggest, learning to love the art of coffee, embrace and enjoy the process; you will quickly accustomed to what makes the coffee right for you. For a canter through the fundamentals see our ‘The art of coffee’ blog to give you a point in the right direction.