Who are we?


Unconquered Coffee was born out of the desire to provide premium coffee to the outdoor and adventurous sport community. Formed by 2 stoics who have a combined experience of over 20 years of pursuits within the community that is combined with a passion for great coffee. We noticed that premium coffee is something that is not catered to the outdoor community due to the perceived complexity that comes with making quality coffee in any environment. However, for people like us there is nothing sweeter than enjoying your favourite coffee anywhere. Be that the summit, at the crag or on the trail.  We have taken the initiative to develop high quality coffee that is roasted to a profile that is optimised for all outdoor and manual brewing methods and is provided alongside the equipment and techniques that allow you to optimise your coffee in any environment. 


Our mission is to deliver premium micro lots and seasonal coffee to the outdoor and adventurous sport community. The so called third wave of coffee puts emphasis on the craft ensuring passion and quality from farm-to bean-to cup. Your adventures may leave you operating in remote or inhospitable locations, but no longer will you need to settle for low quality, over roasted beans. We aim to provide premium, high quality coffee that is sustainably sourced, from the most beautiful farms around the world, these beans have been roasted to levels optimised for the individual characteristics of the bean. We robustly test and continually review coffee apparatus and methods utilizing our combined expertise that is derived from over 20 years in this field to provide you, with simple yet effective directions to produce premium standard coffee wherever your adventures take you.