The Unconquered Pillars

The Pursuit

The pursuit requires an unrelenting focus. It is dedication. The teeth gritted determination that drives through pain, fear and failure. Every single action taken is with the end goal in mind. There is no room for wasted effort where you are headed. Others will call you obsessed. They are right.


Accept that some things will remain beyond the realms of your control.  The more we try to control the less capacity we have to focus on that which drives us forwards. Accept that pain is a necessary bi-product of transcendence and welcome it with open arms. 


The world is full of stimuli, everything fights for your attention. It comes at a premium. However, the only thing you really own is this moment. Appreciate it for soon it shall be gone only to be replaced by another. The ability to keep yourself in the room will help you combat chaos and ultimately succeed. 


Be the best version of yourself possible. Your instincts will tell you to follow the herd. This is understandable. However, nothing great happened here. By definition your actions will be average. Do not base your decisions on the opinions of others and instead walk to the beat of your own drum.