Buena Onda - Colombian 3 day washed

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Buena Onda 


Origin: Colombia 

Region: La Palma, Antioquia, Colombia 

Farm: Finca Agualinda 

Variety: Colombia, Castillo, Bourbon, Typica and Tabi 

Altitude: 1850 m  

Process Method: Natural 

 The latest in our series of small batch offerings is all about the power of positivity. Buena Onda is a South American term that directly translates to  ‘Good Waves’ but is more commonly translated to mean ‘Good Vibes’  a frequently used phrase that serves as a reminder to us all that a positive mindset is the key to enjoying a positive life. When you mix good vibe coffee with good vibe people the results are often extraordinary. 

The Colombian state of Antioquia sits high up in the Andean mountains and it is here that you will find the Santa Barbara estate, consisting of 5 coffee farms that are situated in the region. The highest of which is the Finca Agualinda farm, which gets its name from the vast array of water sources and creeks that can be found on the estate. The region has a tradition of growing coffee that stems 180 years and is synonymous with the growth of coffee due to its diverse microclimate, singular volcanic soil and high altitudes which provides perfect conditions for the growth of coffee beans.  The coffee here has a reputation for excellence and this is due to the estates continual strive for perfection. The very trait, we at team Unconquered, hold dear.  This has led to a revolutionary processing method which consists of a 2-day selective hand harvesting process by which coffee picked on the second day is added to the coffee picked 24 hours earlier that has at this point started the fermentation process. 

Once processed the coffee is then transported and roasted using a “low and slow” roasting process that provides an optimised flavour profile for all outdoor and manual brewing methods . 

The process is time consuming, however has developed a reputation for creating some of the highest quality coffee possible.  We don’t believe in following trends, we follow quality. When that quality is combined with work ethic and passion you get something remarkable. That’s why Buena Onda is a cut above the rest. 

At Unconquered Coffee not only do we care about the quality of the coffee. We take pride in the fact that it is ethically sourced. The Finca Agualinda farm is one that looks after its workers with an average salary boasting well over the minimum wage combined with a scheme that allows many of the workers access to free housing for them and their families. 

Buena Onda  truly encapsulates the love, care and passion of the Colombian spirit and has used that positivity to deliver a truly one of a kind coffee.