The Maverick Starter Pack

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The coffee Mavericks. Those who like to break the mould and not conform to the crowd. They know how they like their coffee. For them it's not just about caffeine intake. It's  about the journey, the process, the taste and satisfaction that can only be gained from taking the bean, to grind, to brew. It's about the reward and care of taking the time to refine the perfect brew. Now Invictus Capulus enables you to do so with Mavericks Home Coffee Making Set.


The home coffee making set contains the Hario mini mill grinder. A portable manual grinder that means you can enjoy freshly ground coffee wherever you may be avoiding the need to compromise with inferior instant or pre ground coffee. With adjustable burrs the grind consistency can be adjusted to taste.


Once the coffee is ground; Hario’s V60 coffee maker, the iconic conical pour over drip system helps you filter and brew coffee to exacting standards and is a simple yet effective way of creating great tasting coffee for yourself. The set comes with 40 free filters. This set set is for the coffee connoisseur that likes to take control over the way they make their coffee.


The Gamma is the latest of our small batch offerings. A single origin coffee high grown in the remote microclimate of the Guatemalan region of Huehuetenango; this has a huge impact on the flavour it produces and reveals a variety of unique, yet delicate flavours. The roasting profile combined with the mineral rich soil in which the coffee is grown reveal a full bodied flavour with hints of citrus revealing themselves as the brew begins to cool.



Hario Minimill Grinder+

Hario V60 Coffee Maker

Gamma Single Origin Coffee Beans

40 Filter Coffee Papers